Unable to Let Go? Try Acceptance

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As humans, we are never happy and satisfied with what we have. We are in a constant search for more and more. When things do not go our way, we start complaining, feel agitated, fear the unseen, and refuse to accept.

Acceptance is a powerful word. It leaves a positive effect on those who learn to accept.

Many people find acceptance difficult. While self-acceptance can be tough for some, accepting others the way they are can be challenging as well.

Most of us spend half our lifetime in hating others, feeling jealous of others abilities, being too judgmental, and not accepting our fate. By doing so, we not only carry a heavy burden on our shoulders, but this also takes away our mental peace. Wouldn’t our lives be more straightforward and more comfortable if we didn’t have to carry such affliction every day?

Many people find it hard to accept others admirable qualities. They believe that expertise comes only with age. However, in reality, expertise comes from experience.

When we accept, the mind starts to eliminate fear, and we find the courage to fight with ease and an open mind. There is more peace when the mind is calm. When we stop that continuous analysis of the situation and let go of things that bother us and even greater peace when we accept. If we do not learn to accept, our lives will become a battlefield where we will continue to reject almost everything that comes our way and keep fighting.

To vibrate on a higher frequency, we need to let go and accept others with not just their flaws, but also with their admirable qualities and life situations. When things do not go as planned, and life throws lemons, try acceptance as a tool to overcome the fear and uncertainty to deal with the situation. This will help develop more courage to work around with confidence.

If you ever wish to put an end to a battle that has been swirling within you for years, try acceptance as a tool. After which, you will realize that it’s easier to let go. Learning to accept requires a positive attitude. When we finally learn to accept, we can use it to be a better version of ourselves.

It is then, that at the end of the tunnel, you will find inner peace.




Budding Writer, Avid Baker, HR by Profession and a Freelance Copywriter

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Tanu Sharma

Tanu Sharma

Budding Writer, Avid Baker, HR by Profession and a Freelance Copywriter

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