Getting Over Embarrassments

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I meet many people who are easily embarrassed by almost anything. A mother feeling embarrassed when her child throws tantrums in public. A teenager feeling embarrassed when his mother gives him a peck in front of his friends. Embarrassment when you collide into a transparent glass door and everyone sees it.

Embarrassment exists only in our minds. It is a state of mind where we start to believe the chances of other people noticing us and laughing at us become very high as soon as we make silly mistakes.

Everyone makes silly mistakes at some point or the other because no one is perfect. The chances are that everybody has already made mistakes or doing it right now or will do so in the future. Now the question is when we all have been into each other shoes at some point or the other, then why is there a need to feel embarrassed about anything?

The reason why we feel embarrassed is that we have all set very high standards for ourselves to appear perfect in front of others. We begin to feel embarrassed when we are excessively concerned about impressing people around us. While we all got busy trying to be a perfect human being, we forgot that making mistakes is alright, being silly is fine and being yourself is absolutely ok.

The urge to look and behave perfectly in public has taken over us. We need to let go of the idea that we cannot make mistakes because it would make us look stupid. To them I say — it is ok. It is ok to make mistakes and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. The feeling of embarrassment works like a reinforcement. We constantly tell ourselves that we cannot make mistakes in public because it would make us look foolish.

Try not being perfect, try being the way you actually are, you will feel a tremendous burden off your head, and that is when you will not feel embarrassed anymore.

Let go of your fear of what others will think of you. Let others think whatever they want to. “Others” are just people who you will never meet again and If at all you do, you all can have a good laugh.




Budding Writer, Avid Baker, HR by Profession and a Freelance Copywriter

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Tanu Sharma

Tanu Sharma

Budding Writer, Avid Baker, HR by Profession and a Freelance Copywriter

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